Bring Attention to Your Company with Neon Lights & Signs

In today’s competitive market, you should take advantage of any tactics which increase your brand exposure and highlight your company in a good light. If you are looking for attractive signage, why not consider neon lights?

Unique Exposure

There are several good companies who specialise in London neon signs dotted across the city. The vast majority of them specialise in a full array of signage for your business, home or shop. Neon lights and signs are different to ordinary advertising tools, they are more attractive with the ability to catch your attention the moment you see them. Neon signs are far from boring or dull in the way a lot of standard advertising signs can be.


Neon lights come in an assortment of designs and colours, so they can be customised to suit the clients needs. Here are some of the options available to customers looking to purchase neon lights and signs.

  • Surface Wiring
  • Single Line Neon
  • Double Outline Text
  • Art Pieces
  • Neon on Acrylic Panels


If you buy neon lights and signs from an established company, they can last for many years without any issues. Neon lights can last for up to ten years, unlike your average bulb.

Variety of Voltages

Conventional lights need to be operated off a standard electrical source, while neon lights can be used on a wide variety of voltages. This flexibility allows designers to be creative with each new project.

Having a professional company design and place your neon signs will help increase brand awareness and improve your sales.